Snow yarn fabric

When I was a kid, I would have a hard time imagining that my parents would be purchasing a $300 pair of chiffons that came in various colors and sizes.

They’d probably spend thousands on a pair.

Yet it was one of the most important things my parents did with their money.

And the way they did it, with little to no oversight, was to spend the money in the best way possible.

They had a good reason.

If they had been able to make that purchase, they would have enjoyed a lifetime of luxury and comfort.

They spent a lot of money to make sure their children had a quality life.

Now, we have a new generation of kids with a lot more money to spend.

These kids have been given more opportunities and they’re going to continue to make the same mistakes.

If you are a parent with kids, the next question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you want to spend your money on a new piece of chocolates or chiffones or a new set of earrings or shoes.

They’re expensive, but the best thing to do with that money is to spend it on a quality education.

And that’s where you’re headed.

In the next post, I’ll be examining the relationship between the dollar amount and the quality of education our children receive.

This is an opinion piece.

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