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The New England Patriots have always had a knack for keeping their logo simple and simple-looking.

Now they have an even simpler logo.

And it’s a little bit more colorful than usual.

The team is using the old one for the new one.

It’s not a new design, either, as the team is also using the color lemon for its new logo.

The new logo is being released today, and it’s an official one.

We’re not sure exactly what it does, but it looks a little like the old Patriots logo, except it’s less colorful and more white.

It also has a slight red “L” on it, a little more prominently than before.

The New York Daily News has a great writeup on the logo, which it calls “an homage to the old-school colors of the Patriots.”

Here’s the full post.

The New Orleans Saints also use a lemon-colored version of their new logo, but that’s a whole other story.

There’s also a brand new version of the New England Falcons’ new logo that you can find here.