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The president on Thursday lashed out at a reporter who wrote a tweet that suggested the president was not being racially sensitive.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters in a briefing Thursday that the president is “not being racist.”

“That’s not what he is,” Sanders said.

“The president is not being racist.

He’s being an informed white man.”

Sanders said the president has had to address race issues on a daily basis, but he has “never been attacked for it.”

The president also accused the media of ignoring his tweetstorm about the Confederate flag.

“The media has been so dishonest and so dishonest with the facts,” Sanders continued.

“That tweet has gone viral.

And it is going to continue to go viral.

So the media doesn’t want to report on this.”

The White House later said that Sanders was mischaracterizing a tweet about the flag, which it said was not meant to be racist.

The president on Wednesday night tweeted that the Confederate Flag should be taken down.

He called the flag “a symbol of hate, division and hate in this country.”

The flag is a symbol of hatred, division, hate in our country.

It must be taken & burned.

We must stand with our great Nation, our Flag must fly!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 17, 2017The president did not say what he meant by the Confederate emblem.

Sanders later said it was a reference to “a flag with a Confederate inscription.”

But the White House has also used the Confederate symbol to criticize Trump’s critics.

“A few weeks ago, the president used the phrase ‘all lives matter,’ and he has said, ‘All lives matter,'” Sanders said at Thursday’s briefing.

“He has said that the African American community should not be afraid to say, ‘I’m an American.’

He has said all lives matter.

And we have been hearing from a lot of people over the last few weeks, and I think we have heard from the president, that that is the way to respond to the problems that are facing our country.”

Sanders told reporters that the first priority for the administration is getting the country back on track.

The administration will continue to focus on getting the economy moving and creating jobs, Sanders said, adding that there is no doubt the country is on the right track.

“I think that the most important thing for the American people is that we do get back on the path of prosperity and job creation,” Sanders added.