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After nearly five months in hospital with severe pneumonia, a former ballet dancer is living her first day as a person again.

Key points:Bevan Kastell was diagnosed with pneumonia on June 18, 2017″She’s doing really well, and the doctors say she’s got a good chance of living a long life””It’s been quite a long road,” said Kastel, who was discharged from the Royal Victoria Hospital on June 24.

She is now in a home where she is able to exercise, go for walks and attend regular social engagements.

“It feels like the first day of school, so I’m having fun,” she said.

“I’ve got to get used to it.

I have never been more alive.”

My family and I have been through so much.

“Bevans father, Andrew Kastelle, who had a stroke in his 80s, was discharged the same day.”

They’ve been really good to me, they’ve been great to Bevan,” he said.

But the hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr Andrew Ritchie, has been on hand to help Bevans mother, Lillie, get through the process.”

We have seen this before in some other places, so we’re looking to help,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

She has been in a wheelchair for six months, so she is quite limited physically, but she’s been doing well.

“The first thing that we do is try to get her back into the wheelchair as soon as possible.”

“She’ll be back to walking around in the wheelchair, and we’ll do the physical rehabilitation work as well.”

Dr Ritchie said the facility was also keen to help support the family’s other son, who has cerebral palsy.

“He has cerebral plexus palsy and he’s been in and out of hospital,” he explained.

“There’s a lot of people that would really appreciate this.”

Dr Kastels mother, who is also in the care of her sister, said Bev is very grateful for the help.

“Bev has always wanted to be able to live a normal life, and this is a great start for her,” she added.

“All of the doctors and nurses have been amazing, and Bev has been incredibly grateful for everything they’ve done.”

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