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A day after a Senate committee released a report that laid out a broad, bipartisan plan to fight climate change, the Trump White House said it was going to fight the report to the bitter end.

“The only way to stop climate change is to stop global warming,” Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said at a news conference.

“If we don’t, we’re just not going to get to where we need to go.

That’s why we’re going to do everything we can to stop the global warming, the science-based solutions.”

Pruitt’s comments came in response to questions from reporters, who questioned how the White House is going to continue fighting the bipartisan plan.

The plan is the subject of a separate investigation by the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, which said that the administration has “continued to hide behind the president’s misleading and incomplete statements about climate change.”

The report, which was authored by the committee’s top Democrat, Sheldon Whitehouse, outlines a number of steps the administration is taking to keep the government from falling into the trap of short-termism.

In the report, Pruitt said he was not concerned about any climate-related funding cut, and that his agency is “not taking any new funding from Congress.”

But he also said that, given the need for the agency to protect the environment, “We must continue to prioritize our mission and work with Congress to address climate change in the long term.”

The EPA is one of two federal agencies tasked with regulating greenhouse gases that are linked to climate change.

The other is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is responsible for regulating global warming and other environmental issues.

Pruitt has been under fire from environmental groups for taking a more hawkish stance on climate change than his predecessor, President Donald Trump, and has not offered an ambitious climate change policy to date.

His comments on Monday came in a speech to the National Governors Association conference in Washington, DC.

He also said during the speech that the United States should have been the first country in the world to move away from fossil fuels.

The administration is facing a number other deadlines to implement a global climate plan that President Trump laid out in his first inaugural address.

The report’s author, Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, told reporters at a White House press briefing that the Trump Administration is “working hard to get this report to Congress.”

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