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A woman has her own “big-body” baby, and she’s got a big name.

As it happens, a friend of the mother is the owner of the popular New York-based cosmetics store, L’Oréal Cosmetics, and has been a regular customer of the store since 2009.

The mother, who was identified only as Zara, told The Jerusalem Times that she was a “big fan” of L’Oreal.

“I’ve seen them for a long time, and I’m so happy that I got a chance to buy something that I love.

I want to share the same love with my baby,” she said.

The store has seen its share of controversy recently.

In November, the store faced a backlash when it was revealed that its store manager had called a woman a “black bitch” in an Instagram post, after the woman responded to a post on the store’s Facebook page in support of President Trump.

The woman, who is in her 40s, was also slammed by the store, which said it was investigating the matter and had “zero tolerance” for such behavior.

The store’s owner, Christiane Aufner, also defended her behavior, saying that it was simply a reaction to a photo she posted on Instagram of a “smallish black woman” wearing a dress.

“I am a huge supporter of President Donald Trump, and the first African-American President in American history, and in my opinion, a racist,” AufNER wrote in a statement to The Times.

“It is absolutely not my intention to offend anyone.”

The New York Post reported on Wednesday that Aufners husband had told her to remove the photo from her Instagram account, and that the post had been deleted.

“A few days later, I posted it again, and it was deleted,” Auaner told the Post.

“My husband has not said a word.

My husband is a very good man, and he loves this company.”

According to a video on L’ Oréal’s Instagram page, the mother has two sons and a daughter.

“Zara loves the products and the service she provides, and is proud to work here,” the post reads.

“She’s so happy to be a part of this amazing company and will continue to work hard for our clients.”

Aufner said in a Facebook post that the business has seen a “growing trend of white women in our stores.”

“For example, we have a ‘Black Mama’ who is a huge fan of L.A. L.O.F.E. is a fashion expert,” he wrote.

“We have a woman with a ‘Big Black Belly,’ who is an expert in makeup and makeup art.

We have a new employee who has a ‘Crazy Black Eye’ and ‘Black Belly.’

And there are many others.”

The store’s Instagram post has since been removed.

“The store is a place for people to connect and share ideas, and we are always open to new customers, but we are not racist,” said Aufnor.

“What we are against is racism, and all forms of bigotry.

We are just trying to make our customers happy.”

A spokeswoman for L’ Oreal said the company was aware of the incident and that it would be investigating the case.

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