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A strawberry chuffed cake has its roots in a British bakery in the 1950s.

But now it is also a popular summer treat for those looking for a quick way to make a splash on the town and for those with a taste for the dessert’s signature chocolatey creaminess.

It is made from an almond flour dough, and then dipped in melted chocolate and whipped cream.

The recipe calls for a batch of chocolate cream, a cream cheese, whipped cream and an egg.

The result?

The world’s first chocolate chuffins, which are now available in a range of sizes, from mini to large, according to the British Baking Company.

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It’s made with a batch that has been dipped in chocolate, then whipped and cooled.

The dough, the milk, and a little vanilla extract are all left out.

In a blog post about the creation, the British Bake Company said it’s been inspired by “many recipes from around the world” and that the name came about because “the word chaffon was already in use in France for a very sweet, creamy dessert.”

The chuffing process is simple.

To make the dough, you use almond flour, but then add cocoa powder, water and an electric mixer to create a soft dough.

You then mix in melted butter and add the egg.

After a few more minutes, you are left with a soft, fluffy dough that’s soft enough to be rolled into a tube.

The dough is then dipped into a chocolate layer.

The whipped cream is then added, and the cream cheese is placed over top.

It takes around two minutes to bake, but it can be done in about 20 minutes.

It’s also a great way to celebrate the arrival of summer in the UK, with shops offering summery flavours, from fruit jams to ice cream sandwiches.

A chaffoon is a French dessert, but the word “chaff” is French.

When we say “chuff” in French, we are not referring to a chaffy.

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